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Unaccompanied children

Childhood is full of trials for a child. He or she is growing up and does not always understand what's going on with him or her. One is just learning to be independent, one is trying to resist the temptations and risks, one is looking for one’s own way in life and one does not have a great life experience and skills.

By force of circumstances, teenagers are facing various problems, first of all in the relationship with their own parents. Differences between the two generations can result in fatal errors. If a child is beloved and understood, the one is happy and is able to increase his capacity for the joy of the family and teachers. If not, one is subjected by the negative temptations and begins to “leave” home.

Most often these children are identified outside the Republic, where they escape crossing the border illegally. We can only guess what they have to endure and face in an unfamiliar and often hostile environment. Children who are in especially difficult circumstances are entitled to special protection. With the support of the International Organization for Migration our center promotes the repatriation of minors identified abroad.

Our mission is to prepare the family for the return of the child, to render financial and free legal and psychological assistance for the whole family, to grant social assistant for long-term escort of the beneficiary. We are doing everything possible to help this child and his or her parents and prevent the repeated leaving home and create favorable conditions for growth and development in his or her own family.


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