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NGO "Women's Initiatives" provides social assistance to victims of human trafficking at any stage of crisis as well as to their relatives, as family members often feel the same as the victims.

Tasks of social assistance to victims of trafficking:

  • Promoting maximum restoration of the internal sense of stability and security, self-confidence, motivating them to disclose the strengths and qualities;
  • Promoting establishment of understanding and of relationship between the victim and the social environment;
  • Promoting dissemination of information of human rights and benefits, of the possibility to get social assistance, legal and psychological counseling;
  • Prevention of human trafficking.

The assistance consists of supporting these individuals at any stage of their quandary. The main goal of our assistance is to respect fundamental human rights, to improve the conditions necessary for a decent life, rehabilitation, development of their own capabilities and competence for social reintegration.

Basic principles of protection and direct assistance:

  • respect and protection of human rights;
  • informed a consent and choice;
  • non-discrimination;
  • confidentiality and privacy;
  • individual approach