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Domestic violence.

More and more cases where people are abused by relatives (spouses, children, parents) have Домашнее насилиеbeen revealed in our region in recent years. This fact is alarming because family is a place where people should feel love and protection.

Our specialists, working with government agencies, are making significant efforts to help the people suffering from various types of violence: physical, economic, psychological and emotional. We provide complex help including social, psychological and legal support. In particularly difficult cases, we isolate the victims (often it is a mother with small children) from the aggressor and redirect them into the crisis centers in the Republic of Moldova. All this is done only with the consent and at the request of the beneficiary.

Thanks to our intervention, victims of domestic violence who turn to us for help were able to completely change their life, to establish harmonious relationships with their families, to protect their children and to create normal conditions for development.


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